1. Your moped of choice must be a moped. You know what this means! Don’t try to put some crazy 5 speed Monza motor on your bike and claim it’s a moped! But also at the same time, pedals are not required for your entry into the Run. Some bikes came stock with kickstarts, some legitimately came with a 2 speed shifter, and many other crazy variations. You may want to stick with a pedal equipped bike based on certain state’s moped laws, but that is something you can decide for yourselves if you wish to risk or not.
  2. Only individual parts may be swapped out on broken down bikes. Pre-assembled engines may not be swapped on to bikes.
  3. Your bike/build must not have a stroke greater than 43mm (One exception: If you want to ride a Sachs 505D engine you are allowed to enter it)
  4. Your bike/build must not have more than 2 speeds to it, manual or automatic.
  5. Your bike/build MUST have valid registration in the state that it is registered in. This does not apply in the state of Tennessee and Wyoming.
  6. The bike must have a Rider + Glympse tracker attached to it at all times. When switching riders, please deactivate your Glympse and have the new rider activate theirs.
  7. You are never to load the Moped onto a vehicle. Even if you want to go get some snacks in town. You will get a DNF for loading your bike into a vehicle.
  8. The bike must never draft (or follow) a chase vehicle.
  9. Teams are restricted to 5 members.
  10. All people participating in this event regardless of role will pay the registration fee. Lack of a fee paid by 10am day of ride will result in a DNF for you, which means if you ride a moped you will also DNF the moped. This means you should probably pay your dues, but it won’t affect your team unless they let you ride.
  11. You are responsible for choosing your own route. It is expected that you will choose a safe and legal route.
  12. As far as routes go, you may NOT ride on any Interstates, Highways with posted “no motorized bicycles” or similar language, Freeways, or other byways which have on-ramps and off-ramps, do not have intersections on them, and do not allow 50cc vehicles.
  13. For the duration of the race you are allowed to violate Rule 12 for a cumulative total of 2(two) off-ramps. If at any point you come across a route which forces you onto one of these motorways, or you have willingly made the decision to use your two violations strategically, you must consult with race organizers before the violations occur, not after.
  14. You are responsible for following all laws. If you choose to break a law, you are solely responsible for the legal ramifications of that action. Bakers Dozen is not responsible for any of your actions, you are quite literally all alone out there if you are pulled over or arrested. This is part of the waiver that you sign.
  15. You will be informed of all route restrictions by event planners. A DNF or significant time penalty will be given if you do not follow route restrictions. These will be made public in advance of the run, so as not to allow for confusion or misinterpretation.
  16. All members of this ride are encouraged to help out a rider should they be stranded or in a dangerous situation. Leaving your fellow moped enthusiast in a bad situation is incredibly frowned upon, and you may find you have finished the run with fewer friends than when you started.
  17. The honor system is heavily enforced. Riders are to report misconduct of other riders.
  18. There is to be no tampering with the builds of other riders. The bike of the rider who did this will receive an immediate DNF and all people associated with the bike will be asked to leave the event.
  19. Any person involved in causing physical harm to a rider will receive a bike DNF. All people associated with that bike will be asked to leave the event. This includes verbal hostility or repetitive mocking of other riders.
  20. And above all, have fun, don’t die, never DNF always.