Race meetup and preparation. Get everything secured and ready to go! A brief meeting at 7PM for all racers and teams to go over the event.

We have reserved the Group Campsite at the North Beach Campground in Burlington, VT:

Link to North Beach Campground

Race starts at 10:00 AM Sharp! A quick leg stretcher on the first day, we will end the day in a luxurious Red Roof Inn with an indoor swimming pool

Finish line and suggested lodging is below: Red Roof Inn in Deerfield, MA

Link to Red Roof Inn in Deerfield, MA

You thought day one was easy? Well go do 300+ miles now! Looks like the moped barn is getting SOLD right out from under us! Oh well, looks like another motel with a pool for us!

Link to Quality Inn and Suites, York PA

Ayoooooo Lets get across the state of PA at some point right? We are heading straight up to coal country to camp out on a beach and make s'mores, hope your stupid moped makes it!

Oh boy oh boy oh boy we are leaving the forest and heading straight to the plains but that's not why I'm excited!

That's right, POOL PARTY TONIGHT AT THE MOTEL 6............... if you make it in time that is!

Link to Motel 6 in Columbus/OSU area

ITS THE LAST DAY!! Winners will be made today, and something is going to break really hard and really fast so make sure you cross the finish line before it does!