This year is a less remote affair, and there may be a “collective chase” for Solo riders and others if logistics work out.

All teams are expected to provide their own Chase + Support (Gas, Oil, Parts, Van, etc…). In the past, parts support is available, you just need to plan ahead

Should you have no chase support (as many solo riders do), it is likely that someone will come pick you up in desperate times….but you may have to wait awhile.

We have yet to abandon a rider in this event. We have, however, had riders sleep by their bikes on the side of the road.


Solo riders are One Rider + One Bike. May the Road Gods shine on you

Upon registration, solo riders will receive contact info with other solo riders in the hopes you will split some costs like Motel rooms or chase vehicles..

Only 13 solo riders will be permitted to register and compete in BDR.


A team will be restricted to 5 people on any given time.  A team captain will be identified at registration.  This person does not have to be a rider but will be responsible for being the point of contact between event planners and the team during the event.  At registration, the captain will need to be registered for this team with a list of the other 4 teammates plus themselves.

Anyone is allowed to help you work on a bike.  It does not have to be a member of your team but only teammates can ride.

Up To 13 teams (A Baker’s Dozen) will be permitted to compete in BDR.