Baker's Dozen Run | How It Works
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How It Works

Nuts and Bolts:

Up to 13 teams (of 5 or less members) and up to 13 Solo Riders will be permitted to participate

There will be a rider meeting each morning  around 9:30 to announce specific finish line location, and anything unique for that day.

9-9:45 am: Teams need to announce their Starting Rider(s) for the day, as well as Chase Driver for that team. Post the names to the BDR GroupMe, and only those folks should activate their Glympse Tracker.

10 am: Official Starting Line. The 24 hour countdown clock to DNF begins now, if your bike isn’t running. All Riders + Chase must have Glympse active.

The Moped has 24 hours to cross the Finish line at the next checkpoint. If it has not, then you or your team DNF “Did Not Finish.

A Team may swap out riders as you see fit throughout the day. Solo riders, suck it up.

Document your Moped + Rider’s arrival with a Selfie or Photo of you and the bike at the finish line destination. Bonus point if you get a photo of a Hotel Clerk riding your moped!

Yarrrrr Here Be Dragons Route:

9/13/2020: Meet up in Richmond, VA and get WET WET

9/14/2020: 10AM START! Richmond, VA To Front Royal, VA

9/15/2020: Front Royal, VA to Summersville, WV

9/16/2020: Summersville, WV to Roanoake MTN, VA

9/17/2020: Roanoke MTN, VA to Johnson City, TN

9/18/2020: Johnson City, TN to Robbinsville, NC

9/19/2020: Robbinsville, NC to Sweetwater, TN

9/20/2020: Sweetwater, TN to Atlanta, GA

9/21/2020: Party time?